A showcase of our works

 We have a portfolio of games which have proven to work well in Asia. Our portfolio includes slots, poker, other casino games as well as more casual games

We worked with experienced game developers with proven track records to help you customize the contents to suit your business.

Our games can be played on multiple platforms including iOS, Android and HTML5.

iOS/Android Virtual Casino Platforms

We have virtual casino platforms which your business can use as a launch pad to end-consumers. From slots to poker to more casual based casino games, our partners can pick and choose what suits them and launch it on the iOS and/or Android platform.

HTML5 Virtual Casino Platforms

If access without download and installation across all Internet connected devices is important to your business, we have HTML5 Virtual Casino Platforms to serve your needs. Like our mobile platforms, our partners can pick and choose from the suite of games in our portfolio to suit their business needs.

Fishing Series

The ever popular fishing series are tested and proven concepts for casual gamers who likes the excitement and gambling element of slots but prefers a more casual and interactive UI. We are able to customize a fishing game that suits your target market and the intended platform.

Bringing you a myriad of delights in a underwater wonderland! Be the ultimate angler with gorgeous graphics and intense firepower in this ground-breaking title of endless entertainment!

Fight The Landlord

Scenic gameplay environments that brings out the true competing with the landlord experience! Increasing the fun factor with even more charming animations and effects!